The Dream Weaver-Aaron Simmons

Is it real or is it a dream? Does experiencing another person’s dream help you “Live More”? Or does it leave you feeling unfilled and craving another hit?

This is a telling tale of addiction and a new iteration of the argument of whether the fault lies in the maker of the product or the abuser, by viewing the addiction from the side of the programmer who never intended his creations to cause addiction. Eric, a prominent master in the art of creating dream weaves, must contend with growing concern that the Dream Weaver machines are ruining lives while he continues to make money. He is confronted on multiple sides about how he can live with himself knowing the struggle other people are facing. And he is determined to ask another popular weaver a question about that very subject.

Speculative Fiction fans might like this novel for a quick, easy read with a thoughtful social conundrum and a touch of conspiracy theory. There was a definite twist that I wasn’t expecting from the beginning.

I give this novel a 3.  While the idea of fantasy addiction is intriguing, the conversations in the books felt stilted and predictable in some places. A few details in the plot fiddled with my logic circuit, but I got past that when the story began to head uphill to the climax.

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Dream Weaver Cover

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