Night Crawler-John Reinhard Dizon

Nightcrawler Cover

A female vigilante with a degree in chemistry.

This book draws on a dozen social issues—gay rights, sexism in science and business, gangs, and terrorism. I now want to visit New York City less than I did before. (Personally, I’m not a huge fan of millions of people living on top of each other in relatively little land area.) This is a combination of religious self-searching and action thriller, not two things I normally associate with each other.

While a little bit preachy in some passages, the overall action is quickly paced and widely disbursed amidst the picture of Sabrina Brook’s daily life as CEO and churchgoer. I kept reading to get to the next twist in the adventure of the start-up vigilante. I would have liked reading about more of the action as a real-time event, rather than as a news story afterward. Being inside the character’s head during a fight scene is much different than the aftermath. The second half of the story leans toward more direct action.

John does a good job of hooking you in for the ride. You will like Sabrina from the get-go and hope that everything works out for her in the end, including her romance with a former classmate from law enforcement school. She takes a few bumps and bruises in all aspects of her life.

The flow was a little choppy since it wasn’t in strict chronological order, but after a couple of chapters, the jumps felt less distracting and only minorly detracted from the overall entertainment. I found it a unique draw that several terrorist groups used in the book were made up of all gay members working for an extreme homophobe. However, in the end, I was a bit confused by the overall message .


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