Mirror Series – K.G. Stutts


A Mirrors Beginning: John Brooks is a recently published short story describing one of the main characters of the Mirror series by K.G. Stutts. We are pulled into a somewhat predictable “bad home-life” situation where four siblings are left to fend for themselves while their mother prostitutes herself and disappears for days at a time. The children are separated by the foster care system. After a rough life in and out of jail, John Brooks has little hope for a decent future. He is then suddenly pulled out of that life into an MIB meets The Last Starfighter world. The ISC is a secret organization where human kind works with alien life in the galaxy. Each agent is replaced in real life by a clone with all of the memories of the original.

By the end of this brief, open-ended tale, I was somewhat confused as to the purpose of the clones, who all work for the same call center and apparently have different names than their originals – at least one of then clearly did (Madison instead of Mackenzie). I thought I understood that the clones took the place of the real agents in their lives as though nothing had happened. I even wondered why they bothered to make a clone of John Brooks, who had no family and no job outside of ISC. Nor did the clone display any of the behaviors of John Brooks before he became an agent. Such a profound change of personality might be suspect.

The writing is decent enough and the style suits the genre.  I did enjoy the use of description, particularly in the opening scene while a young John waits outside a restaurants for handouts.


3 Stars


The entire Mirror Series is available through Amazon.comMirrorImage

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