Promo – Nightmares and Other Therapy

Nightmares and Other Therapy

NightmaresMichael couldn’t understand the nightmares that made him violent on waking, mostly because he didn’t have the courage to think his problem through. Eventually, pressured into entering a mental hospital by his employers he thought that here he would find answers and a way to a better life. He was never more wrong.

From the Amazon Reviews

For starters I really enjoyed how this book was written. The tone and pace of the book made it all the more enjoyable…….

Although this isn’t necessarily a happy book, I’d still recommend it. It’s well written and is very thought provoking…..

The characters are a lot of fun….

It was unique and the major plot point that separates this novel from the others on the shelf. The split persona between Michael and his imaginary friend is extremely well-done…..

It was well written, with believable and realistic characters…..

Fast paced thriller/chiller that
kept me up late into the night. Very original story line…..

Those who like a good thriller will enjoy Nightmares and Other Therapy.

About the Author

D W Carver worked for several years as a community mental health counsellor in East London, England and much of his writing comes from those years, working with obsessional people and those suffering from anxiety disorders.

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