A Beautiful Life With No Excuses

A Beautiful Life with No Excuses:
The Power of One Human Being
by Maria Mantovano

*Disclaimer: Religious Inspirational Fiction isn’t my cup of tea. I took a chance on this one.

Written as an inspirational message for anyone who has faced adversity and loss, A Beautiful blwneLife tells abuse suffers and victims of misfortune that life doesn’t have to end just because the universe has let you down. Whether you believe in God or not (the narrator states frequently that God gives him the strength to see life as beautiful and continue on), the message is a valid one. Coming from the depths of personal loss of my own, I understand the overall message the book supports.

However, by the time I reached the end, I was hoping this was a satire; because Candide kept coming to mind.

One thing I would like to have seen in this brief novella is more description of the people and scenes to help put the reader in the narrator’s perspective. I sometimes felt as though I was listening to someone tell me the story in a local coffee shop and that I was expected to be familiar with the scenery and faces. I read to explore views and concepts that I might not experience personally, and I wish I could have a better visualization of the neighborhood where the narrator grew up, where he lived, and what the faces of people liked from his perspective.

I also felt that some information was simply glossed over in the narrative, and found myself wondering what it was about the narrator that caused all the women in his life, except his mother, to turn cold. There was a underlying issue with the narrator that wasn’t being voiced, because to have your girlfriend suddenly shout “F*$& you” for no apparent reason and later your wife say she no longer wants to sleep with you means something isn’t quite right. I wanted to hear that side of the story.

A Beautiful Life with No Excuses: The Power of One Human Being is available on Amazon.com


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