Wizard Dawning – C.M. Lance

WDCMLWhen you think of wizards, you think of ancient mystical times, with castles, kings, and dragons…Right? Well, not in Wizard Dawning. Set in the future of Earth, this story works on the premise that global warming processes have opened up pockets of magic and more people than ever before have access to special powers. You can even get a degree in magic for universities.

In the case of our protagonist, Sig, his family possesses old magic that has been passed down through the bloodline, along with the responsibility of being a Battle Wizard. These Battle Wizards fight dark magic with the use of a talisman, an artifact from an ancient time when gods and demons ruled the world. Throughout his young life, Sig has been stalked by a dark mage hoping to get his hands on that family talisman.

C.M. Lance weaves a rich tapestry of past and present where the characters live in a modern technological world with mystic secrets. The characters display full personalities that come out through the progress of the story. The relationship between the family members are wonderfully realistic, even with the complications of magical genes.

There is a lot of magic, a little bit of zombies, and some fights with demons, brought together with mythology.

4 Stars

Wizard Dawning (The Battle Wizard Saga Book 1) is available on Amazon.com.



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