How to Get Anything You Want

How to Get Anything You Want: Make a Magick Mirror!
By Mick Nach

We all want so many things in this world, whether you want materials things, a dream job, knowledge, health, or peace. We want a magical way for everything to be just they way we want it.

While the HTGAYW component of this non-fiction seems to be a little far-fetched (and a bit contradictory of itself), much of the emotional and psychological information offered in this book has validity. Studies show that laughing reduces blood pressure, reduces stress, and increases one’s perception of happiness. Other studies show that expressing gratitude to others also increases happiness levels. Negative energy begets negative feelings; Positive energy begets positive feelings.

However, picturing a new car in front of the Magick Mirror doesn’t mean that a car is going to show up at your front door. Asking the universe for $5000 isn’t going to create a windfall for you. The universe doesn’t care about cars or money, but your new sense of positivity may make opportunities available that weren’t possible before.

Whether you attempt to create a Magick Mirror or not, visualizing those things that you want to obtain will increase your likelihood of getting them.




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