Simple Potato Recipes

Published by Ready Recipe Books

This is a nice collection of simple standards such as Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Twice Baked Potatoes, as well as a few “fancier” modulations of our friend the potato. When sending a young adult off to scrounge for their own food, this book would make a nice supplement to the standard cookbook. I like that nothing in here calls for instant potatoes. Hooray! Simple doesn’t mean quick in this case, but it does mean tasty. Call me a snob, but instant mashed aren’t tasty. Potato

Each recipe is simple. Only a couple have ingredients you might not already have in your kitchen.

However, for the novice, a few pages on how to boil, bake, and mash potatoes (temperature, time, etc.) would be an ideal addition to the front of this book. I noticed a couple of recipes that didn’t include instructions for cooking and/or mashing the spuds in the recipe. Not everyone knows how to do this. (My husband has boiled potatoes several times but still asks me how to do it.)

4 stars

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