Sugarcoatin’ is for Candy…


Sugarcoatin’ is for Candy & Pacifyin’ is for Kids
by Nonnie Jules

If I could rate each of the “essays” compiled into this book, there would be a couple that would receive 4 star consideration. My favorite was entitled “Why I Want to Be an Author…”  This brief explanation of why Jules chooses to write encapsulates a lot of feelings that all writers have: it’s all we think about, even when we’re busy doing other things. Many of us are good at it. We do it because we love it, even if we don’t always receive recognition or compensation.  I also appreciate her desire to make a better world for our children by changing the culture of violence that is being proliferated in social media and through mass-marketed entertainment. She makes several good points about the effects of bullying and the opposite effects of positive feedback.

Overall, the content of the book made several good points, many of which could have received more deconstruction by the author and possibly some supporting evidence for the opinions voiced. Considering these as blog posts, some of them work for the purpose of starting a conversation of current issues, but considering them as a book length compilation, I would like to have seen more poetic word choices and a more formal structure to the rhetoric. Others may enjoy the completely informal style pleasant to sit and read in one sitting, but this just didn’t fit into my expectations.

3 Stars

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