Claustrophobia-Chris Hollis

CCHA Short Story

This is a dramatic look into how human flaws can erupt under extreme conditions. Such flaws can never be corrected without removing that which makes us human, and often it is difficult to see and accept our flaws.

Hollis uses a routine space mission to cast a spotlight on the effects of claustrophobia on the fragile human psyche. We are given the privilege of peering into an unhinged mind which possesses all of the logical justification it needs for its actions, no matter how abhorrent. The moments of disjointed sentence structure lend themselves to the overall vision of the broken mind, a mind that was broken long before it reached the depths of space.

Derek Jordan has always dreamed of going to space. Now he has his chance. Space missions, no matter how routine, must maintain a strict sense of order to be considered successful. But Derek believes he is meant for greater things.

“No supposed expert could have predicted what would happen that day. Derek bathed in silence and embraced the isolation – the crushing claustrophobia – and his thoughts drifted back to the stars.”

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