The Ultimate Lesson

by Meryl D. Joseph

This book explains that the key to a happy life is balance, something that is definitely difficult to come by in the fast-paced, stressed-out, sleep-deprived world most of us live in. Taking steps such as visualizing happiness, empowering yourself and establishing a positive set of core beliefs all play into your sense of happiness with your own life.

“When you’re balanced, you can feel it.”

Establishing and maintaining balance are not easy for most of us. We are constantly pressured on multiple fronts to meet the needs of others, such as family, employers, neighbors, and friends. A combination of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental balance all contribute to our overall life balance. But it is important that each of these factors suit your individual needs, not the needs or ideals of others. You have to take charge of your own life.

Physically, I enjoy walking and yoga for exercise. My spiritual balance comes from the nature and my place on this planet. Mentally, I am confident in my abilities.  Each of these factors will be different per individual. Most days, balance is achievable. This being said, there are days I struggle to keep one or more of these factors in line for a multitude of reasons.  It’s important that once we lose our balance we are able to find it again.

The Ultimate Lesson takes the reader through each of the points, allowing you to look at your own life and take stock of what you have, want, and need in order to make life a positive experience.  This is a well written work that is gentle with its delivery, hoping to open your mind gradually to the ideas with a pragmatic and informational approach, rather than shove them down one’s throat or saturate the reader with saccharine language.

4 Stars



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