State of Grace-John R. Phythyon, Jr.

Well worth the price for a copy!

This tale of magical espionage erupts from  a nebulous time and place and reflects on familiar global Earth events. Phythyon scribes a range of emotional hooks both heartbreaking and humorous, as well as horrific. The reader is instantly pulled into the plight of the many races and the alluring sense of magic in this fantastical place. SoGWDA complex world emerges from the text, where countries strive for dominance over the rest of the races and magic is the key they all seek. Individuals are trapped deciding where their loyalties must lie. Incredibly sinister forces are at work.

Wolf Dasher is a Shadow, a human with powers endowed to him by a phenomenon known as the Rift. Others like him work for the Shadow Service, the mysterious spy arm of the Urlish military. Their main human opponent, the country of Phrygia, has a similar branch; and the two nations exist in a cold war state, each threatening the other with all out war…eventually.  Elves are known as God’s chosen people, and it is their duty to lead the rest of the races to God, only their own people are split by a rift in their religion. Half follow the teachings of Frey, the elf who received this proclamation from God, while the other half follow the teachings of Shendali, another self-proclaimed prophet. These sharp divisions form a world in a constant state of instability, always on the precipice of collapse.

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5 Stars


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