By Sword, Stave or Stylus – Andrew Knighton

These fantasy genre stories take wordsmithing and storytelling to great heights. Several of these stories take the reader to undiscovered worlds and unrealized perspectives, something I truly enjoy if it is done right. Most of these stories stand very well alone and could even be expanded further into enjoyable and captivating novellas. A few are very short and seem to leave the reader wanting, almost as though the idea was left unfinished – however, the imagery and poetry exhibited  do not disappoint. There are also a few stories that have companions within this collection, giving the reader the opportunity to see another perspective of the same idea.BSSSAK

My favorites:

The Essence of a Man – escape by the most unconventional means.

Striking Black Silence – a ninja with the ability to replace one’s shadow.

The Hunter in the Stacks – I think this one ended up as my absolute favorite, reminding me of anyone delving into a research project to finish a much sought after degree.

The Edge of the World – a world where each has his place and each has his purpose, and sometimes it’s best not to get involved when others want to go to war.

Every story was enjoyable and displays an understanding of more than just writing. Knowledge of art, sociology, and psychology shine through in each tale.

5 Stars – Like many classic fairy tales, these stories capture your attention and offer a philosophical launching point.




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