Me-Time Tales – Rosalind Minnet

MTT-RMThese tales of women cover all the ages of our existence and poignantly, and with some amount of humor, point out our flaws, both those internal to being a woman as well as those forced on us by societal norms. Women have expectations of the world about being married and having children and enjoying a fulfilling life. The world places just as many expectations on us for those same things, and often we are torn between being who we want to be and becoming what others want us to be.

I found the first story in the book quite humorous with the use of irony and the well-drawn personality of the narrator, though I predicted the outcome of the story early on. Knowing the outcome did not inhibit my enjoyment of how the tale ended. Each story carries a unique voice and the characters are well-designed and written. Every word is intentional and meaningful, telling the tale without excessive “flowery” writing, yet still providing solid settings. The stories were told from different points of view, including the tricky 1st person/present tense style, and all stories kept my attention and left me with points to ponder about how girls and women perceive the world.

Rosalind Minett deserves 5 Stars for this collection of short stories.

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