The Mind of the Living – J. Kaihua

This short philosophical journey depicts a man looking for knowledge, hoping to find it in a book that holds all of the answers. He wishes to buy the book outright, an interesting twist to this reiterated tale, but the old caretaker of the book isn’t about to sell it to anyone.

The book itself is given a personality, one that proves to be a bit sanctimonious. The book does not give straight answers, but puts forth evidence that the answers the man seeks are, in fact, all around him. The conversation between man and the sum of all knowledge elicits strong reactions from the reader about the course of history and the possible course of the future. It is our ability to ask questions that makes it possible for humankind to set its own path, if we are smart enough to use that ability.

Included in the story are a variety of images shared on Flickr by the British Library, images of different peoples and bits of history. These images are being shown to the man reading the book of knowledge to help prove its point that, as a world, each of the different sets of people are closer together than ever before, yet at the same time we ignore each other or even threaten each other over our differences.

“Stay curious and question everything that needs to be questioned.”




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