The Mundane Collective

MC1-TBLThis fast-paced tale of five  young revolutionaries was difficult to put down. With the swift moving narrative, I found myself eager to keep reading, hoping to discover the fates of the members of this small collective.

Based upon a world where being born with magical powers assures your place among the ruling class, the reader is instantly entwined in the tension between the Magocracy, the empire of mages, and the mundanes, those born without innate magical abilities. Policies dictated by the mages incite a peaceful protest in the Square in front of the Imperial Palace. Like any section of people feeling oppressed by another, the mundanes wish to make changes to the way of life that currently dictates them as lesser beings. But the growing numbers of the mundane masses unnerve the ruling mages.

As book one of a series, The Mundane Collective engages the reader and stokes a desire to follow the rest of the story.

4 Stars – A work that creates a fascinating fantasy world worthy of attention.

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