Wolf Code-Chandler Brett

wccbA wolf pack struggling to reorganize after the death of the Alpha male flees through the wintry woods, escaping the only predator capable of taking down their strongest member – an Amur tiger. The wolves must work together as partners to survive.

On a college campus, a graduate student name Don seeks a partnership of his own, a younger student name Tsula who organizes an activist effort to change the way human beings see wolves.

Shifting between the two seemingly disparate portraits of Earth’s creatures, wolves and humans, the reader is compelled to compare and contrast the relationships between male and female counterparts and the hierarchy that exists in every social system.

Chandler Brett uses the two worlds to speak out about the typical human views of nature: that anything wild is primitive and dangerous. Many of Earth’s creatures are demonized for their methods of survival. Tsula asks that human beings respect the ways of the wolf and other creatures, allowing them the space they need to survive. In order to win her affection, Don must examine his life goals and how best to use his skills in technology.

This well-written novel offers a depiction of life within a wolf pack with the wolves as the characters, giving homage to the narrative style of Rudyard Kipling. Each section of the novel draws you forward on a steady path through an intense chapter in the lives of both wolves and the humans who protect them.


4 Stars – A well-thought out message.


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