The Story of Lucius Cane – Vanya Ferreira

SLC-VFBuilt upon the traditional vampire legends as begun by Bram Stoker, The Story of Lucius Cane introduces us to a small cast of supernatural characters. Jack the Hound was marked by a werewolf as a young man and now fits easily into the human world as a killer for hire, despite his canine-worthy physical attributes. Lucius Cane is a vampire with a soft spot for human beings and a hunger from the blood of his own kind.

The author makes a valiant effort to use the deviations from the normal archetype for each creature to propel the story into something unexpected. The reader questions why a vampire rescues humans from their deaths, choosing to prey upon other vampires. What is Cane’s motivation for sympathizing with the weaker creatures?

This first installment leaves us with these and other questions.

3 Stars – Traditional vampire horror with a few twists.

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