Weekly Spotlight – Dancing with the Devil: Extended Edition

DWTD Extended CoverAbout the Book

In this searingly honest memoir, Amy provides a terrifying insight into why so many women find it hard to leave when they are trapped in a violent relationship. This book will leave you speechless at the depth of one woman’s courage and enthralled by the story of how she survives and eventually triumphs over her life with the devil. Dancing with the Devil is a grueling yet heart-warming story that will give hope to the many battered women out there who are still suffering.

Dancing with the Devil was first published in 2005/06 (also under the name Living with the Devil). This Extended Edition contains the original story, ready for a new generation of readers, including a continuation of the story to allow readers the opportunity to find out what happened to Amy and her children, Kate and Jack.

Amy Norman was a normal middle-class Australian schoolgirl who dreamed of being a ballet dancer. But, at the age of sixteen she fell in with the wrong crowd. She dropped out of school and left her loving family for Dean, a man whose life was dominated by his addiction to drugs. Within three years she had two children with him and had several traumatic abortions. She became hooked on drugs herself and she was being beaten up every single day.

Amy desperately tried to escape Dean and return to her family. But each time she was forced to return to him after he threatened to kill her, her children, and her parents. Finally, after years of living in fear, Amy took the children and spend a few years traveling around Australia, changing her identity frequently to avoid being found.

$1 from each copy sold will be donated to the UN Women.

Author Amy C. NormanANorman

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