Weekly Spotlight-Storm Dreams


About the Book

Do dreams dream? Can a dream become real?
Trapped between the real world and the lands of dream, John Cassidy is a WWI fighter pilot with no memory of his past. He may not even be a real person. Rescued from a dream by a mysterious airship captain, Cassidy is thrown into a chaos he can’t begin to fathom. Forced to flee Armada agents, bounty hunters and the demons of his past, he searches for a meaning to life and the man who dreamed him in the first place.

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About the Author

Jeb Sherrill has an oddly disjointed background. Having stumbled through everything from performing stage magic and kinetic juggling on French television and in Las Vegas casinos, to teaching martial arts and circus techniques, to competitive sabre fencing, film and stage acting, dance, songwriting, and his ongoing stint as a popular YouTube personality, Jeb has the ADD of a 10 year old. Writing, however, has remained his greatest passion since early childhood, having also written a barrage of short stories and poetry.

Pinning down his style is difficult, however. His liquid, psychotropic images, philosophical undertones and pure unabashed strangeness have made fans across the Fantasy and Science Fiction spectrum. A great example of this was his first published work, a Victorian science fiction piece about a man slowly melding with an alien intelligence featured in an e-zine Would That It Were. Best known for insane worlds, over the top characters and sometimes heady subject matter, his work may not be for the faint of heart, but reading it is always an adventure. Many of his novels exist in a loosely connected universe which will only be complete at the end of several series. Be warned, you may never look at reality the same way again.

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