Manic Monday – Dennis Liggio

MM-DLThis easy-going read pays homage to Doctor Who and his companions and a bit of the SyFy show Eureka, with sprinklings of amazing technology and a smattering of magic. Dane Monday takes upon himself the constant protection of New Avalon, a city with a quirky history and complicated present. He keeps the arcane out of public view of the mundane. And in the process, he finds a young, doting female sidekick to help him succeed with his missions.

Bordering on the absurd, this geeky adventure runs the gambit, beginning with a mad scientist and his killer robots. The reader can visualize everything like it’s happening on a silver screen, an action-packed plot filled with fights, explosions, and a fast-talking male lead. Dane Monday survives and succeeds with an uncanny amount of luck – and a lot of help from his old friends around the city.

3 Stars – A fun, quirky, easy-to-read adventure, great for a brain vacation.



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