Theater of Pain – Norian F. Love

In honor of National Poetry Month, I am focusing on books of poetry among my long list of review selections.


top-nflAdmittedly written during a tumultuous period of the author’s life, Theater of Pain exposes a cathartic process of undergoing emotional strife and healing oneself through the pursuit of poetic word.

The emotions expressed are clear and undisguised; the anger, resentment, self-loathing, and regret bloom on each page as the progression of poems takes us from the beginning to the end of a relationship, and beyond into the grief and reminiscence.

Some of the poems feel shaky at the start, forcing a rhyme, but fall into a syncopated, jazzy rhythm to finish. Others tumble out in a rapid flow of words like a waterfall, which echos the urgency the lover feels in getting the words out and clearing the head. Each poem encompasses a moment in a love affair: the attraction, the enjoyment, the failure and ultimate demise, the resignation that there is no going back.

4 Stars – Follow the journey of finding and losing love.



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