Weekly Spotlight – Spooky Girl

Spooky girl

About the Book

Spooky Girl tells the story of Abbey, a feisty, irrepressible teenage heroine and a self-diagnosed spook magnet—yeah, she sees dead people. Abbey’s ghostly experiences have cost her dearly, leaving her scarred and friendless. Alone after her mother’s mysterious disappearance and her father’s last-minute business trip, Abbey is left stranded at the River Falls church camp for the summer. What could go wrong at church camp? For starters, the camp is actually a boot camp for troubled teens. It gets worse. Abbey’s spook magnet has gone haywire as an escalating series of paranormal incidents make it clear her life is in danger. Abbey’s attempts to decode the message reveals a secret with the potential to bring her mother back as well as save Abbey and her new friends. That is, if she can trust the message—kind of like trusting the safety message from a shop teacher with missing fingers. Abbey is not a happy camper.
If you love exciting thrillers that are full of ghosts, humor, fast-moving thrills, and a maze of clever clues and suspense that keep you turning pages late into the night, Spooky Girl is the book for you.

About the Author

The father of the real-life Abbey, Allan Evans has written professionally in advertising and marketing for the last decade. A licensed soccer coach, he can usually be found on the soccer field.

A Review from Amazon

“This is a great book for all ages. Although aimed at a YA audience, this makes for a great light afternoon read for adults as well. The book moves along really fast, the writing is wonderful…. Abbey is a smart girl who can think for herself and take care of herself. Although she ends up stuck at a camp she originally hates, she ends up making the best of the situation and making friends with people she never thought she would. I think this would appeal to the YA audience especially and adults who just want a quick, light read.”

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