Heartblazer – Stuart Purcell

41grKJFnsuL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Water in Dublin is in short supply, mysteriously vanishing from lakes and rivers. Michael and Evie witness a horde of glowing green frogs during a boat ride on the river and follow the creatures into the underground.

This tale of two worlds colliding, the world on the Earth and the world below it, echoes the trials of going through adolescence. The children are growing up and getting older and are expected to start behaving like adults. At the same time, kids still want to be kids. This includes learning to cope with difficult emotions.

Written for the reading level of middle-grade, this adventure shows the reader the new experiences of traveling and deals with the tumult of emotions one must face in making tough decisions. Evie and Michael must use both their kid-like sensibilities and their newly acquired adult skills to complete their mission to help the people of the Coreland and their home.

3 Stars – A suitable story for middle-grade readers with valuable displays of coming of age wisdom.

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