A Far Out Galaxy – Marjorie Thelen

A farcical space opera, A Far Out Galaxy plays with the popular notion that humankind was seeded on Earth by another race from another world. That race has since lost interest in sexual procreation, opting for cloning. The story contains a great deal of humor about human customs and activities.AFOG-MT

Queen Vita of Oriana, who is also the principal information technology manager for the Galactic Oversee, is expected to learn all about sex and conceive a child in a hurry to create an heir, now that the cloning technology has been sabotaged. To quicken the interaction, the Queen and her forced romantic interest, Commander Will, are traveling together on a mission to rescue Earth. Meanwhile, the villain Rodan, Will’s brother, is chasing after Vita to be his bride.

They refer to Earth humans as Bluebies and explore the cuisine and beverages of the culture while discussing our predilection for negativity and violence. Perhaps in an homage to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the story takes stabs at describing the human condition through ridiculous circumstances and an off-world point of view.

Unfortunately, I felt that the hyper-focus on learning about sexual attraction obstructed the flow of the other storylines, including the persistence of Rodan to capture Vita, the center of his unrequited love, and the mission to Earth.  While this may have been the author’s intention, I wished for a break from the constant banter about appendages and hormones.

3 Stars – An interesting perception of the human condition with comical stylings.





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