Reviewing Indie Authors One Book at a Time

mb-rkWritten in a mix of styles including traditional prose and screenplay layout, this novel takes a look at several standard science fiction themes: aliens seeded the human race, advanced aliens visit to give plodding humans a treasure of knowledge and technology, and human beings have a propensity for distrust and violent defense against things they don’t fully understand, among others.

Tiann Gerber of South Africa is a chosen individual, the one human being designated to help the aliens convince humankind of their intentions. Tiann, along with the President of the United States Catherine Jordon and several military personnel, must make a choice to allow him to be taken by the newly arrived alien race known as the Syasabe, former allies of the extinct Manoan race. As a subplot, Tiann is a character who has struggled for years with his homosexuality, at one time trying to “rehabilitate” himself with religion and a heterosexual marriage.

While the main theme of the novel may spark interest in some sci-fi lovers, the story is riddled with a smattering of far-reaching explanations of Earth history which reminded me of the flop film Transformers: Age of Extinction where it seems the Decepticons were responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. The novel also pays homage to the more popular film Avatar.

3 Stars – Of interest to sci-fi readers but flirts with overused devices. Also needs some professional help with verb tenses and certain word usage.

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