Spotlight – The Darkest Side of Saturn

DarkestAbout the Book

When Astronomers Collide:
Two astronomers, male and female, discover an asteroid that might hit Earth in a few years … but … they lose the data and can’t prove it! Should they announce it anyhow? Will anyone believe them? What if you hosted an asteroid impact party and no one came?

Harris and Diana fight over how to announce the danger. He blasts the news to the world. This infuriates her and starts a bitter conflict between them. They have it out in a violent fight that turns erotic—which can happen between spouses… except that they’re married to other people.

They lose their reputations and jobs. He becomes a reluctant prophet of doom. She becomes pregnant. Harris unintentionally acquires a cult following of true believers longing to be misled. A dangerous fundamentalist preacher threatens him, and an obnoxious radio talk show host provides disruptive help.

Throughout the story—in Greek Chorus-style—a Geek Chorus of scientists and engineers chants warnings and prophecies. Meanwhile, Earth yawns. “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.” “Let sleeping dogs lie.” “The Lord will provide.” Harris becomes a Cassandra speaking truth to a world that won’t listen.

Does the asteroid hit or not? Will the astronomers self-destruct? You’ll wade through strong doses of sex, satire, and science to get to the answers. There’s also ballet and classical music along the way to sweeten the story and raise the cultural level—and an intermission with wine and refreshments in the lobby!


Arizona Literary Contest Book of the Year (2015)
Arizona Literary Contest First Place for Published Fiction (2015)
Eric Hoffer Book Award Short List for Grand Prize (Winners announced 2016/06)
Books and Author Books of the Year Awards Winner for Science Fiction (2015)
National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist for Science Fiction (2015)
USA Best Book Awards Finalist for Science Fiction (2015)
Beverly Hills Book Awards Finalist for Science Fiction (2016)

About the Author

Pilot, spacecraft navigator, author: Tony Taylor flew fighters in the Air Force and later navigated NASA spacecraft to every planet in the solar system (adding Pluto in 2015.) His first novel, Counters, drew on air combat experiences in Vietnam. His second, The Darkest Side of Saturn, reflects many of his NASA experiences and won several honors, including 2015 Arizona Literary Contest awards “Book of the Year” and “First Place in Published Fiction.” Both Counters and The Darkest Side of Saturn are on the Eric Hoffer Book Award shortlist for “Grand Prize.” Tony lives in Sedona, Arizona.



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