Marcy Meets an Alien – James V. Eves

A graphic novel without words, this story in illustrations shows a young human girl meeting a blue alien while on a picnic day with her parents. The alien shows surprising talents and features, such as winged ears that allow it to fly, helping the human girl climb a tree. The human girl introduces her new friend to the game of soccer. The human girl tells the story of the alien to her parents, who laugh and don’t believe it’s true. The humans drive off then take off in a van-rocket, showing that they were picnicking on a planet that was actually the blue being’s homeworld. The blue alien runs home to tell its own parents the story of the visitor, only to be laughed at. In its room, we see that the blue alien is the one named Marcy and that the human beings were really the aliens.

The message sent to children is about point of view.  From your point of view, those unlike you or from other places are considered alien. On the opposite side, the other person is thinking the same thing about you. And at the same time, the two different intelligent species aren’t that different at all. The children like the play, even if their games are different, and they both have a story to tell that no one else will believe.


For age 5+







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