Refusing Excalibur – Zachary Jones

re-zSimilar to the premise of Battlestar Galactica, Earth is the lost world of origin of the entire human species throughout the galaxy. Once an advanced culture colonizing space and booming with amazing technology, Earth is now lost to space and time. But the other humans remember the stories, and artifacts of the so-called “First Civilization” circulate among the upper-class families. In this time, a thousand years after the jump gate to Earth has closed, the ruling family of one planet sees its duty to reunite humankind and declares war on those who don’t concede. Yet another man loses his entire planet to war and shifts about the worlds seeking vengeance.

Our protagonist, Victor, is the product of a world at war with an enemy for decades, an officer in the space-faring navy who took the lives of his enemies for the good of his own people. Quite possibly the only survivor of his planet, he turns to a life of mercenary work, killing for money and seeking out the opportunity to exact revenge upon the man who ordered genocide. Throughout the story, his PTSD wrestles with his desire to change the galaxy.

Excalibur is a First Civilization relic, a ship of profound technological ability with an AI guardian known only as “the old man.” The AI seeks out someone to fly this beacon of strength with intentions of ending the lethal division of the human-inhabited planets by reuniting all humankind under a common power.

5-Star – For fans of sci-fi colonization.



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