Vick’s Vultures – Scott Warren

Offering up insights into alien points of view, Scott Warren wields a mighty pen to create this electrifying tale of humanity’s role as a “lesser empire” in the whole of the galaxy – lesser in size and technology but not in gumption.

For the most part, other races of the galaxy don’t even know humankind exists, let alone feel threatened by them. Those races aware of humanity know they are a force to be reckoned with; they will fight for survival when the need arises but are just as eager to make alliances as it suits them.vv-sw

Scavenging tech from the wrecks of alien battles, Captain Victoria Marin and her crew known as “the Vultures” are in the business of bringing home anything and everything for human scientists to study and attempt to reverse engineer. Humans are hundreds of years behind in most technology needed for space flight. In their favor, however, they are ahead in computer security and infiltration – other species don’t rely on computers to make important calculations – and they are experts at infantry combat, something other space-faring races have long forgotten.

Each chapter brings and exciting new twist to the story and delves deeper into the personalities of the characters, not alien and human.

5 Star – Engrossing and imaginative tale of the galactic space race.

Published by Parvus Press LLC

Available on




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