Spotlight Thursday-Nicholas Bridgman

About the Book

Truman Capote once said, “You can’t blame a writer for what the characters say.”  Nicholas Bridgman’s novel, A Character in Reality, plays with this concept in a new way.  The main character, Detective Robert Gladstone, comes to life and steps out of a novel into reality, crushing any of the narrator’s hopes of controlling him on the page.cir-nb

 The reader is left to question, what would you do if a character in a novel you wrote actually came to life?

 What if the character learned his whole reality was just a construct created by you, the story’s narrator?

 If you liked the movie The Matrix, you may like Nicholas Bridgman’s reconception of what it means to be alive, which he presents in A Character in Reality.  The novel follows Gladstone’s adventures in gaining consciousness, adjusting to the real world, and learning insights about being human.

nbridgmanAbout the Author

Nicholas holds a B.A. in Rhetoric from U.C. Berkeley.  He has written numerous essays for the major, as well as for scientific research for his Ecology degree.  After graduating, he took up writing fiction, and he has written over 50 short stories and a novel.

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