Puddle’s Wondrous Worry Dolls-Andrea Kaczmarek

pwwd-akSchool kids are always worried about something – lost books, what other kids say, what test? – and Jemima, “Puddle” to friends and family, is no different. She has a few worries she’d like to not worry about, and the new worry dolls under her pillow are going to help her out.

At first, Puddle thought the dolls had come from her mother’s shop, but the shop dolls were more plain and less interesting than the colorful, funky set she found in her jacket pocket. As a test, she gave them some problems to solve, such as locating a missing charm bracelet and helping her pass her math quiz. When these tests appeared to be successes, Puddles attempts to use the worry dolls for a really big problem – the school bullies.

In an attempt to use the special worry dolls for the greater purpose of stopping bullies, the story steers dangerously close to justifying nasty pranks as a vehicle to teaching the bullies a lesson. From the sound fact that bullies gain power from their groups, we are witness to Puddle and her friend trick the bullies into breaking their friendships and even going so far as to get one of the bully girls into serious trouble with the principal of the school. In the end, everyone seems the better for it, with new friendships forged between the bully and a former victim.

3 stars




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