The Brede Chronicles Book 1 – PI Barrington

bc-pibThe economy of Earth has crumbled to nothing and most of the planet has been sold off to wealthy aliens, making the New Middle East the primary center for the dregs of humankind. Humans are considered the lowest form of life – even half-breeds of human-Amphidian hold a higher status. Alekzander Brede is one such hybrid and a hired gun, paid by anyone with wealth to eliminate “obstacles” and seek out treasures. On this job, he’s seeking an ancient Egyptian Treasure.

Brede’s personality has been influenced by his mixed heritage, creating a man who views any weakness as a fair reason to die. He enjoys watching as well as causing the suffering of others, including the women he is attracted to. He is friendless and his family members despise him. He has learned not to care about killing and even threatens his own son with death for his behavior. Brede is not a protagonist one will feel sorry for, love, or empathize with, and at times he acts as the antagonist in his own life story.

Because he is always at war with someone and has few (if any) he can call friends, Brede lacks any sort of understanding of how to behave like anything other than the thug is hired to be. He fails at romantic relationships and at parenting. Occasionally, but rarely, he shines with a moment of sophistication and understanding but for the most part is no more than the sum of his parts.


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