Spotlight Thursday-Journey with Me

About the Book

Increase personal and professional achievement and success through learning and implementing Tina Mitchell’s Personal and Professional Core Practices. Discover how much more you can accomplish each day as you begin to Dream, Be Alert and Learn to Fail. Incorporate how to one-time your business, embrace your strengths and get connected so you can reach unprecedented levels of business success.

jwmJourney With Me by Tina Mitchell outlines six personal and professional core practices inspired by Tina’s history of traumas, failures, and successes.  In spite of difficult circumstances – or maybe because of how they strengthened her – Tina went on to live an extraordinary personal and professional life.

In the book, Tina shares the stories that shaped her life and molded her as a person. Her hope is that these stories will inspire you to embrace your own circumstances, appreciate your own failures, and build your own personal brand of success.

About the Author

In her 20-year career, Tina Mitchell has been recognized in the top 1% of mortgage professionals nationwide and is a speaker, coach, and author. Tina is the founder of Mortgage Triangle Software and radio personality host of The Money Hour on 1150 AM KKNW. Highlighting Tina’s stellar reputation in the real estate industry are awards for Partner of the Year from Washington REALTORS and Media of the Year from Seattle King County REALTORS, as well as dedicated service on the Board of Women’s Council of REALTORS.

The inspiration behind Tina’s business is her work with homeless communities in Seattle: Mama’s Hands & House of Hope, The Hoff Foundation, and Mary’s Place.

Tina’s motto is “Live your dream now!”

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