Dear Readers,

If you haven’t taken advantage of ADVANCED VOTING* like I have, your last opportunity to make a difference in this year’s presidential election is TOMORROW (November 8th)!

No Excuses! If you are an American citizen**, not matter how you got here, it is your right to vote, so no one can tell you can’t. Not your boss, not your neighbor, not some blubberhead on television who doesn’t even know you. Polls will be open all day. Be sure to take a photo ID.

And it isn’t just about POTUS. You may also be voting on retaining judges, sales tax increases, bond issues, county commissioners, state representatives. . . and so many other IMPORTANT issues and offices that directly affect YOU. Local elections matter, too.

Need to know where to go? Contact your county election office or check the internet!

*Where available. Advanced voting let’s you vote when it is convenient in your schedule.  I voted on October 30th while I was waiting for my broken phone to be repaired. A good use of my time.

**For those of you outside the United States, be sure to vote at your next election!

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