The Bug Boys – Stewart Hoffman

bugboysAlex and his friends are typical kids. They go to school, have trouble with math, and try to stay out of trouble with teachers and parents. They certainly didn’t suspect that a field trip to the village colliery would change their lives and introduce them to life from another planet.

In this can’t-put- it-down kids’ adventure, Alex and Ian become the Bug Boys, a duo with bug powers that they want to use to fight crime – if there was any crime in their small village. We witness that boys can be studious, impulsive, vengeful, and empathetic. And alien life not come in a form we can readily imagine. The creativity and unique traits in this book make it a delight to read. As an added bonus, footnotes to the reader add comic relief.

5 Stars – Superheros, aliens, bullies, and a stop to corruption.


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