#SpotlightThursday – Mary Ming

About the Book

orphan“Although this book is about my physical life, a large portion of this book deals with my mystical and spiritual life. This is because I have sought Ultimate Truth from the time I was an early teenager. I believe the biggest reason which compelled me to seek Ultimate Truth was because my life was filled with so much sadness and tragedy and strange turn of events. Even when my life became somewhat ‘normal’ for a brief few years, I was cautious and could not take life at face value. After much seeking, I came upon a spiritual organization that promised the Ultimate Truth and God Realization. I became a disciple of ‘the Path’. (This is a fictitious name. I have refrained from giving out the real names of this organization.) I was involved in the Path for 34 years. All together, from the time I began seeking until current times, I have been on the Spiritual Path for 42 years. Practically, all of my adult life, I have kept my goal in sight.

I do not believe that the entire meaning of the book will be understood until one reads through every page to the very last page which is the Epilogue. There is a happy closure to it all. What is written in the section called the Poetry of Insights and Prayers, and the Epilogue is what reveals the higher meaning of this book.”

About the Authormaryming_

Mary Ming has coined the term ‘Divine Visionary Mystic Artist’ for artists who have experienced inner regions based on the scenes on paintings they have completed. She is a writer, poet and painter of Visionary art and Chinese Brush Painting. She has a vision of how to help suffering humanity help themselves, and relieve the suffering of animals. To make Planet Earth a beautiful, peaceful and happy place for all. She is a firm believer in following the laws of Mother Nature and knows how to keep her happy.

Mary Ming Creations



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