#SpotlightFriday – Valley of the Bees

Author: Amanda L. Webster
Publisher: Elderfly Press

About the Book

In a world where honeybees are all but extinct, Valley has spent her entire life in the tranquil river bottoms where her family camps out every summer and grows more food than most folks can dream of. But, that’s all about to change on her sixteenth birthday when her Uncle Jacob informs her that she will be marrying the son of the powerful mayor of a nearby town.

When Valley agrees to meet the boy and give him a chance, she is plunged into the intrigues of an unforgiving village where women are treated like property. In the midst of a plague outbreak, Valley must fight for her father’s life and for the right to make her own decisions, all while learning that her family life is not as idyllic as she always thought it was.

About the Author

Amanda L. Webster is an author and editor who lives and works in Central Illinois, USA. She obtained her Master of Arts in English with a concentration in creative writing from Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Webster is the owner and editor of Elderfly Press, an independent publishing company located in McLean County, Illinois.

When not writing and editing, she enjoys crocheting, hiking, camping, and spending time with her two sons and two cats.

To learn more about Amanda L. Webster, visit her writing blog at Write on the World.


Kirkus Reviews calls Valley of the Bees, “A tale that offers mesmerizing worldbuilding and complex explorations of gender relations in a frightening dystopia.”

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