#SpotlightWednesday – Tempus

Author: M.N. Payne
Series: Tempus Saga Book 1

To most, Tempus only exists in children’s stories, but to Cara Vair, it’s her destiny.

Cara knows where her future lies, the Citadel, where the elite of her society live. All she has to do is make it through the Proving and because of a unique characteristic, she has no fear of accomplishing her goal. So she thought. Her solitary childhood hadn’t prepared her for the real world or for Alaric Chambers.

Realizing survival means she must fight, Cara tries to force those away who wish to help her. That is until she finds there are some things she can never escape. Death, love, and Tempus.

About the Author

M.N. Payne graduated from Ashford University and lives with her husband, whom she met while in the military, and her two children in Charleston SC. Tempus, inspired by the author’s love for technology, is Payne’s first published novel.

Exclusive map of Union


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