Hey, Authors!

During my  interim between semesters, I have time to read and edit. And I am looking forward to reading fiction instead of textbooks. (Really, I am!)

If you have a story or novel you are trying to get published and need an editor or proofreader, look right here.

Right now, I’m offering a rate of $25 for writings up to 25,000 words, $50 up to 40,000 words, $75 up to 60,000 words. (Contact me for additional pricing beyond that, and we’ll work something out!) I’ll even include an editorial review you can use for marketing purposes. These edits will be for proofreading, consistency, and general effect.

These prices will be first come, first served for 10 spots on my calendar, so let me know quickly.

Email your query to editorbee@gmail.com

While I’m waiting for those stories, I’ll be perusing my email for things to review and spotlight.

Have a happy winter!


Check here to see how many opening are left.
1. Open

2. Open

3. Open

4. Open

5. Open

6. Open

7. Open

8. Open

9. Open

10. Open


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