#SpotlightSaturday – Extraction: The Coming

Title: Extraction: The Coming
Author: A.A. Colvin Jr.
Publisher: Independent
Genre: Science Fiction

About the Book

Highly Original Sci-Fi!!

If mankind was quickly fading away from the face of the Earth, and you thought you could find the answer to save them, could you? That’s the question for Johnathan Kingsborough, an average guy who finds an uncontrollable, overwhelming, deep connection within his mind and body, to the death of the human race. He searches for answers to the disease infested apocalypse covering the planet when the answer finally reveals itself. He finds the answer had been attached to the wrong question. and the truth haunts him more than the fall of mankind. The answer to his question “why” has been kept a secret from humans since the beginning of time. Now the secrets are revealed and the truth out, the surviving people have to fight for their survival and what’s left of their rightful place on Earth.

About the Author

A.A. Colvin, Jr. grew up in New England, Rhode Island to be exact, in a wooded section that nobody would care to visit. Most of the area was surrounded by old cemeteries and long lost tales of ghouls and ghosts. As strange and dark of a place as it was, it was a great place and way to grow up, and as he did, he took those tales and creepy unexplained experiences throughout his life.
A.A. Colvin, Jr. always had a knack for spinning tales, but it wasn’t till recently that he realized that people like the way he tells stories. The way he takes the far-fetched and unimaginable and put it in the palm of your hand with the greatest of ease. In his tales, he takes all that seems odd and make it everyday life. He moves the ‘norm’ off balance, keeping it at a short distance to help the strangeness blend and take form.

Where to Find It


Connect with the Author

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