#BookReveiw – The Secret Book of Harmony

♥Have a Happy Solstice!♥

Title: The Secret Book of Harmony
Author: Anna Iourenkova
Publisher: Independent
Genre: Non-Fiction; Self-help

About the Book

In each chapter, you will find one or several laws which rule our lives and let us predict the consequences of our choices and acts. Once understood and integrated, they let you find a dynamic balance in all fields of your life. The book may also be interesting and useful for psychotherapists or other therapists working with a human psyche, as well as for people engaged in the process of their self-development.


Iourenkova deliberates on the topics of the overall happiness in life and why it is so difficult to achieve for a variety of internal reasons. If you read the book mindfully, you can relate the explanations to your own real-life situations and to the people you know. We are all part of a larger community of beings, and no one can live in a vacuum, no matter how hard they try. This book can be used for self-understanding, understanding others, or (the writers) understanding and developing the characters you write about.

Where to Find It


Author Website



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