#SpotlightThursday – Great English

Title: Great English: Grammar Rules, Reference Lists and General Knowledge
Author: Isabel Uys
Publisher: Independent
Genre: Reference

About the Book

Parents, learners, students, teachers, writers, everyone! This is the book you have been waiting for! There is no similar book available anywhere. This book is not an ordinary grammar guide. It is also a comprehensive reference book with long lists of grammar which is frequently required and some very useful general knowledge. Instead of searching for information in various sources, you will find most of the information needed in this single volume.

Although this book is not aimed at serious grammarians, it provides all the information needed to use English grammar and punctuation properly. The information varies from simple to more advanced. The grammar rules are clearly explained. A great asset is the comprehensive reference lists which are not found in other study aids. There are more than 1,600 plurals in the book. Please see the Table of Contents. The general knowledge section provides lots of useful facts.

This book is an excellent resource for anyone who wishes to learn correct grammar and punctuation. It is also suitable for young learners and a good tool for doing homework or preparing for exams. Yes, the most useful book ever!

About the Author

Isabel Uys is a South African author who has published several reference books about languages.

Where to Find It

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