#SpotlightTuesday – History’s Prisoners

Title: History’s Prisoners
Series: Book 1: Invasion
Author: James Garmisch
Publisher: Independent
Genre: Science Fiction – Military

About the Book

Moments before his execution, Huan is given a clear choice: infiltrate the Global Resistance—or die and never see his children again.

The Alliance is collapsing, and Huan, a former economist for the worldwide government, knows how it was engineered. History has been reset, the children of dissidents re-educated, and the family unit abolished. The façade of utopia is evaporating.

Meanwhile, beyond the city walls, the separated lands are shifting from despair to chaos. Smoldering discontent is about to explode. Huan is neither a soldier nor a spy, but he will have to become both—and quickly—if he is to survive and to save the family that does not know him.

About the Author

James Garmisch is a U.S. Marine veteran and now a current member of the the U.S. Army. He currently lives in Texas with his wife, two kids, and an assortment of animals.

His hobbies and interests run the gambit from reading and writing to Judo. He has worked a river guide in West Virginia, participated in mountaineering courses in Wyoming, and spent thirty days sea kayaking in Baja California, back when it was safe to do so.

History’s Prisoners: Invasion was originally a novella which morphed into a short novel. Two longer books are planned: Road to War, and Extinction.

Where to Find It


Connect with the Author

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