#SpotlightWednesday – Crowsong for the Stricken

Title: Crowsong for the Stricken
Author: Ted Morrissey
Publisher: Twelve Winters Press

About the Book

Crowsong for the Stricken is a prismatic novel consisting of twelve pieces orbiting the uncanny events in an isolated Midwestern village. Are the events the work of the divine or the demonic? Is there a more human explanation? The answer may depend on the order in which one encounters the various pieces. Among them is the award-winning title story, which was published in an illustrated edition by Flyleaf Journal. Central to the book is the crowlike figure of Plague, who haunts the villagers, especially the children. More than anything, though, it is a village of secrets—secrets that people keep from each other…and secrets they keep from themselves. The novel is a prime example of the burgeoning literary style known as Midwestern Gothic. Pieces from the novel have appeared in numerous journals, including Southern Humanities Review, the Tulane Review, ink&coda, and Constellations, as well as the anthology Literature Today.

About the Author

Ted Morrissey is the author of four other works of fiction as well as two books of scholarship, and his stories and novel excerpts have been published in more than fifty journals. His novella Weeping with an Ancient God was listed as a Best Book of 2015 by Chicago Book Review. His essays and reviews have appeared in North American Review and elsewhere. A Ph.D. in English studies from Illinois State University, he teaches high school English as well as in the MFA in Writing program (online) at Lindenwood University. He has been a lecturer in English at University of Illinois and Benedictine University, Springfield campuses. He and his wife Melissa, an educator and children’s author, have five adult children and two rescue dogs. They live near Springfield, Illinois. Ted is the founding publisher of Twelve Winters Press, modeling it after Leonard and Virginia Woolf’s Hogarth Press.

Where to Find It

Barnes & Noble

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