#SpotlightThursday – Rob Gibson and JBARK’s Journey to the Dual World

Title: Rob Gibson and JBARK’s Journey to the Dual World
Author: Rovic P. Gutierrez
Publisher: Independent
Genre: Fantasy

About the Book

In LOST ANGELES, California, lives Rob Gibson, a boy bombarded with big acne all over his face and body. Though he topped his class, he was the main cast of mockery, bullying, and insult. As he lives his painful every day, he accidentally discovers his electric and lightning power after trying to save his brother Dix from a group of gangsters. Confused with the unimaginable circumstances in his life, he meets Bench, a Filipino foreign-exchange student who defended him from bully students. Soon Bench discovers his hidden power of teleportation and splash. With the acceptance of his true identity, Rob, together with Bench, face their mission of searching for the other struggling teens with powers who will complete the force of goodness against Oydimon’s destructive forces of evil. But will their friendship bonded with powers stop the evil invasion?

About the Author

Rovic P. Gutierrez or “Sir R” is a Filipino national born in Angeles City, Philippines. He graduated with a degree of Bachelor’s in Secondary Education in Social Studies/History, Magna Cum Laude at Holy Angel University. He grew up with Harry Potter books and movies that inspired him to write a novel mixing history, reality, and fantasy. He loves biking, playing badminton, and, of course, reading and writing. He is currently residing in Angeles City, Philippines, and a public high school Social Studies teacher in their locality.

Where to Find It


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