#BookReview – Thaniel’s Crossing

Title: Thaniel’s Crossing
Author: Timothy Connolly
Publisher: Independent
Genre: Science Fiction – Dystopian

About the Book

From a peaceful but dying world where all evil was long ago driven out in an apocalyptic war, young Thaniel Kamen is called upon by an ancient warrior to make a journey of unfathomable distance and danger — through a rift that separates galaxies to a planet racked by war and environmental devastation. His mission: to face down Margus Dane, a man of godlike power and malevolence, and spill his blood upon a sacred stone that can restore the balance of life on Thaniel’s world. But to succeed he must risk losing the girl he loves, along with the cadre of fighters who stand with Thaniel in a battle that will reveal dark secrets from his past, and decide the fate of two worlds…


Connolly explores the nature of evil and the price pure peace can inflict upon a once highly advanced culture. In doing so, he lays out a harrowing and emotional journey for an unsuspecting young man. The story moved quickly and wastes almost nothing on extraneous details.

About the Author

Timothy Connolly lives in Los Angeles. Thaniel’s Crossing is his first novel. He also writes and records music with his band, Chain of the Unseen Seven.

Where to Find It




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