#BookReview – The Hierophant’s Daughter

Title: The Hierophant’s Daughter

Author:  M.F. Sullivan

Publisher: Painted Blind Publishing

About the Book

By 4042 CE, the Hierophant and his Church have risen to political dominance with his cannibalistic army of genetically modified humans: martyrs. In an era when mankind’s intergenerational cold wars against their long-lived predators seem close to running hot, the Holy Family is poised on the verge of complete planetary control. It will take a miracle to save humanity from extinction.

It will also take a miracle to resurrect the wife of 331-year-old General Dominia di Mephitoli, who defects during martyr year 1997 AL in search of Lazarus, the one man rumored to bring life to the dead. With the Hierophant’s Project Black Sun looming over her head, she has little choice but to believe this Lazarus is really all her new friends say he is – assuming he exists at all – and that these companions of hers are really able to help her. From the foulmouthed Japanese prostitute with a few secrets of her own to the outright sapient dog who seems to judge every move, they don’t inspire a lot of confidence, but the General has to take the help she can get.

After all, Dominia is no ordinary martyr. She is THE HIEROPHANT’S DAUGHTER, and her Father won’t let her switch sides without a fight. Not when she still has so much to learn.


Skillfully rendered, this tale of racial dominance and familial betrayal envelops the reader from the very first line of Dominia’s escape from the clutches of the creature who describes himself as “Father” – the creator of the the predatory martyr race. With each turn, Dominia risks physical injury, emotional manipulation, and the lives of allies and bystanders.

For those with a love of Cyberpunk and intense action. Blood and violence abound, so this is not for those with weak stomachs.

Where to Learn More




Barnes & Noble

Painted Blind Publishing


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