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The Phase Transition – Ryan Okerlund

ptroThe world is entering a new age, leaving our current phase of natural laws and lapsing into a new phase where the chemical reactions that keep our machines and technology running no longer exist. Replacing our combustion engines and our cell phones are abilities to heal and transform and communicate with plant and animals, abilities we consider to be magical. Factions battle for control of this new age, the White Order, the Black Order, and the Gray Order, each seeking to control the Chosen and the rest of humanity. The book crosses boundaries between Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Several different individuals start out apart and on separate paths, each dealing with the sudden change in Earth’s physical reality by seeking to retreat from dangerous cities and people, all traveling north. Eventually, all of these individual converge into a battle group, all heading for the promised land of New Atlantis. Through this mode, we learn of each character’s personality to a minute depth – the sheer number of participants does not give ample time or space to delving deeply into each one. (Perhaps future installments will give each character their due.)

The first several chapters kept me engaged, following just two of the main characters into a mystery known to one and not the other. As soon as the other major characters began to arrive, the momentum suffered. The main storyline of the imminent phase transition and power struggle after its occurrence became lost in a muddle of names and descriptions.

3 Stars – Great beginning, but lagged in the middle and slowed the enjoyment.


Manic Monday – Dennis Liggio

MM-DLThis easy-going read pays homage to Doctor Who and his companions and a bit of the SyFy show Eureka, with sprinklings of amazing technology and a smattering of magic. Dane Monday takes upon himself the constant protection of New Avalon, a city with a quirky history and complicated present. He keeps the arcane out of public view of the mundane. And in the process, he finds a young, doting female sidekick to help him succeed with his missions.

Bordering on the absurd, this geeky adventure runs the gambit, beginning with a mad scientist and his killer robots. The reader can visualize everything like it’s happening on a silver screen, an action-packed plot filled with fights, explosions, and a fast-talking male lead. Dane Monday survives and succeeds with an uncanny amount of luck – and a lot of help from his old friends around the city.

3 Stars – A fun, quirky, easy-to-read adventure, great for a brain vacation.



A Consternation of Monsters-Eric Fritzius

cMon2With a foreword written by Rik Winston, the host of radio show UFO All Night, Consternation of Monsters is a collection of spine-tingling short stories that will leave you feeling wary of closing your eyes at night. I find myself left considering the possibilities…

Opening with The Hocco Makes the Echo, we are introduced to a brilliant boy who knows a little something about the woods that his father doesn’t know. As parents, we often try to toughen up children so they aren’t afraid of simple, common facts of life and nature. But frequently, children make observations beyond the realm of adult understanding.

I have always been a fan of stories that look at the world through an unusual set of eyes. Wolves Among Stones at Dusk applies this method by playing a scene through the eyes of a Mexican gray wolf. The wolf watches an unfortunate human scene of violence from atop a mesa. The author focuses on the scents that the wolf interprets, noting fear, anger, regret, and other emotions as they emanate as odors from the body.

Limited Edition plays upon the franchise of the Antiques Roadshow, bringing to light that out there, among the wealth of rare human collectibles (and the myriad piles of junk we collect), are hidden objects far older and more intrinsically important to human existence and progress than our shallow brains can fathom.

Some of these stories are interconnected, revisiting the lives of the characters in new situations. Each touched upon a poignant aspect of human nature as well as the supernatural. The reader is taken on adventures through the ancient, the mystical, and the powerful, delving into ideas of creation and destruction that most of us have not considered. All around us, ancient magic stirs and intersects with human life. When we chance to see these old, universal spirits, we have the choice to let them do their work unimpeded or grab hold of the ultimate power, even if that choice is ill-conceived.

Pick up this book and open up your mind.

4 Stars



The Witches of Armour Hill – A Crowdfunding Journey

Please welcome my guest, Alyssa Cooper, and take a few minutes to read her post.


Hey everyone! My name is Alyssa Cooper, and I want to talk to you about my next book series novel, The Witches of Armour Hill.Acooper

Margaret May Reis knows how strange she is; people have been telling her for years. At sixteen years old, though, Maggie begins to realize that strangeness is only half the story. Maggie isn’t just strange – she’s a witch.

The Witches of Armour Hill is the story of a modern-day witch coven, struggling to maintain their magical culture in a world that has always betrayed them. This story is based a legend that’s well known in my native Ontario – its believed that in 1840, a young woman from Peterborough was tried for witchcraft. When she was found guilty, the townspeople took her to the highest point in the city, and they burned her at the stake. The Witches of Armour Hill is the story of her descendants, of all the witches they couldn’t burn.

The first installment of The Witches of Armour Hill, Switch, has already taken Wattpad by storm. With 12000 views and almost 500 favourites, it’s become a quick favourite on the free story-sharing platform. But read it while you can – once the finished version of Switch is published, the free version will disappear forever.

After allowing traditional publishers to handle my first three books, and finding myself sadly disappointed, I’ve moved on to self-publishing. I published four titles on my own last year, but Switch promises to be my biggest undertaking yet. That’s why I’ve decided to crowdfund the publication, using Kickstarter to make this book the very best it can be.
I’m looking raise money for professional editing services, book design, marketing, and distribution – all of the things that can turn a good story into a truly great book. The Witches of Armour Hill’s Kickstarter campaign launched on March 26, and will conclude on April 25. Make a pledge to earn cool prizes, and keep an eye on the campaign page for previews and updates that you won’t see anywhere else. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you decide to join the coven someday!



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Origin of Angels


Thanks for stopping by my tour stop for Origin of Angels, Book One in the Elemental Legacy series by Christie Rich. This is a New Adult Fantasy. This is a review tour that runs Jan. 12-16. Check out the tour page for the full schedule.

About the book:

Origin_of_Angels_eBook5 (1)
Origin of Angels by Christie Rich
A man searches for the woman he loves. A woman fights to survive.As the first male Elemental, Travis is a wanted man. Women fawn all over him, both fae and Elemental alike, but he only has one female on is mind—the woman who captured his heart when he was sure he’d lost it. Travis is not only determined to find her, he’s willing to go through his meddling sister, Ralya, to do it. He doesn’t care if she’s queen of the fae, if war is brewing, or if there is a price on his head. He needs to find his mystery woman before it’s too late—before he loses her to the Order or worse, to the evil Valen, who has made a bargain of his own to win back his kingdom.
Emily will do anything it takes to save her son from the Order, no matter the cost. Her heart yearns for the man who gifted her the only joy she has in her dreary world, yet the odds she will ever see Travis again are slim to none. Emily has a single desire: to raise her child. Love is beyond her reach, or so she thinks. As evil draws near, Emily must guard her heart or lose her soul to the fae who wants her to fulfill his wicked purposes.
Will Travis find Emily before she gives up, or will she fall into the hands of his enemy and be forever out of his reach? In this gripping sequel to Elemental Enmity, the stakes for control of Earth have been raised. Evil has taken hold of the mortal realm and won’t relinquish it easily. The forces of Elemental and fae must unite against the dark court if they have any chance at all of overcoming the gloom overtaking the human realm.

 Amazon | Goodreads

Christie Rich

About the author:

I grew up daydreaming about fairytales, and my love for discovering new worlds has never died. I am not one of those writers who always knew I would write. I thought that was what other people did until one day, a few years ago, I took a challenge from a friend and typed my first words. My journey has been wonderful, and I cannot imagine a day where I would ever give up writing. My love for reading is what fueled my imagination in the first place and still does. When I am not writing or reading, I enjoy family time with my husband and two children. My family and I live in a quiet community in Northern Utah, and I am so thankful for the rich life I have been blessed with.

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 Writerbee’s Review of Origin of Angels:

4 Stars

A man is gathering Elementals for the purpose to destroying the Fae. The Order is experimenting with the supernatural beings to find the greatest amount of power. Nigel Lambert will do anything to gain control, including experimenting on his own daughter. There are many supernatural powers at work throughout this novel, and a great battle is coming that may mean the end of the human race.

“The origin of angels is not what humans believe. We are not benevolent beings eager to serve mortals.”

There is a rich world supporting this new adventure for Rayla, Travis, and company. The subtleties of belonging to the world of the fae and elementals are expressed through the internal conversations of the characters, each in turn. The sense of urgency builds up throughout the work, culminating in the cliff-hanger moment where you find yourself suddenly fumbling to express your outrage at having to wait for the next installment.

This book is written in a very young style, giving the characters – most of whom seem to be in their early 20s (relatively speaking since some of them are indeed immortal) – a deep sense of current vernacular and relationship styles. Writing in the first person from the point of view of many of the different characters is a tricky art, and I felt that some characters lacked unique individual voices, making it difficult to remember which character’s mind I was in at the time. Travis was most set apart by his tone and intentions. These voices will appeal to new adult audience.

“We must rescue the girl. She is the key”




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