2014 – Year in Review

Highest Recommendations!

These were the best reads of the year from my list. Wonderful storytelling.

Fargoer:A Viking Age Tale by Petteri Hannila – 5 stars

One Year There by Robert Denis Holewinski – 5 Stars

The Power of Six by Nicholas C. Rossis (RRBC) – 5 Stars

Scouting for the Reaper by Jacob M. Appel – 5 Stars


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Good Read for the subject:

African Me and Satellite TV by Jo Robinson (RRBC)- 4 Stars

Bible Bashing by Tony Lewis – 4 Stars

Changes: A Collection of Prose and Poetry by J.R. Graham – 4 stars

Children of Earth (Tales from the 23rd Centry) by Paul J. Fleming – 4 Stars

 The Dream Weaver by Aaron Simmons – 3 Stars

Lest We Forget by Brian L. Porter – 4 Stars

The Only City Left by Andy Goldman – 4 Stars

The Outrider Legion by Christopher Pepper (RRBC) – 4 Stars

A Pride of Lions
by Mark Iles (RRBC) – 4 Stars

The Tenants of 7C by Alice Degan – 4 Stars

Warrior Lore by Ian Cumpstey – 4Stars

Wizard Dawning (Book 1) by C.M. Lance (RRBC) – 4 Stars


OK (Good ideas and elements, but not the best execution):

Call of the Herald by Brian Rathbone – 3.5 stars

Red Axe, Black Sun by Michael Karner – 3 Stars

Launch by Richard Perth – 3.5 Stars

Fun for Children:

Amazing Matilda by Bette A. Stevens (RRBC) – 5 Stars

The Ancient Art of Asking by Kyle M.A. Fuhrer – 4 Stars


Needs work:

A Beautiful Life with No Excuses by Maria Mantovano – 3 Stars

How to Get Anything You Want by Mike Nach (RRBC) – 3 Stars

A Mirrors Beginning: John Brooks by K.G. Stutts – 3 Stars

Nightcrawler by John Reinhard Dizon – 3 Stars

Paradox Child (Paradox Child Series) by J. Yates – 2 Stars





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